Why is Functional Medicine Better for Chronic Conditions?

Are you tired of being tired all the time? And you’re not getting answers from your doctor about your chronic conditions or symptoms either? Learn why you’ll want to look into functional medicine and why the treatment path for chronic conditions is better. 

The conventional approach to treating illnesses is excellent for acute care, like setting a broken leg, performing life-saving surgery, or dealing with an infection. But when an infectious illness turns chronic, traditionally-trained doctors aren’t trained to balance all the factors that create chronic illness like lifestyle, environment, microbial gut health, and hormonal imbalances. They’re also trained to match a symptom to a medication, which doesn’t work for chronic illness. You have to look at the root causes of that disease of that current condition that drugs cannot address.

You may have heard about ICD-10 codes. An ICD-10 code issued by the attending physician matches a disease to a condition. Why is this important? Giving any patient that ICD-10 code is put under guidelines issued by the governing body for that ICD-10 code or disease process. 

These guidelines often do not consider the individual’s genetics, metabolism, environment, or any aspect of health, whether physical or mental. It is the standard of care applied across the board to all individuals irrespective of their age or gender. What if you are outside that box? 

Conventionally trained doctors don’t learn to address most of the root causes of chronic illness like diet, toxins, gut imbalances, and many more complex hormonal imbalances. It is why functional medicine is so effective at treating chronic diseases. Not only do we work to find the root cause of your symptoms. We also look at all the factors in your life that could be creating chronic illness, from gut health to hormonal imbalances, diet, sleep, toxins, and many more, visit https://www.pharmacybc.com/xanax-alprazolam/

While our goal is to rebalance your body so that chronic symptoms can be a thing of the past, the true goal is to teach you how to create vibrant health instead of struggling with symptoms and medications that present their challenges.

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