Why Adults Who Are Feeling Worn Out Need More of a Power Reset

You may have been advised by a friend before to take power naps when you feel like the paperwork is getting too heavy.

Will shuteye help with energy levels? 

Is taking “power” sleepers actually some form of rejuvenating recharge for your body’s batteries?


These days, getting that much needed uninterrupted eight hours of sleep is a luxury. Not all of us can afford that for sure. There are just too many things that seem to keep us staying up longer than we should. To mention a few are work, family matters and hobbies. Some people have time for Netflix while others enjoy their own personal activities such as reading books or playing video games in addition to all the other things they need to accomplish each day!

The saying goes: “Sleep is for the weak.” 

Unacquainted people may say and believe that. Lack of sleep is not just unhealthy, it can also make you weak. And if that’s not bad enough then there are all sorts of health complications that could result from having less than adequate restful slumber including high blood pressure or diabetes among others. Here is the conundrum: How can we get more sleep? Take a powernap – this is the response. 

A friend of mine likes to take afternoon naps since she works from home. She’s able to curl up on the couch and have that 20 minutes to rejuvenate. Upon waking up, the first thing that came to mind was: “Wow! I feel so much better.”

There have been some studies to prove that power naps are beneficial. Sarah Medric, a PhD from the University of California – Riverside says for many types of memories, the benefits of taking naps are substantial. No wonder my friend has a memory of an elephant. Majority of the benefits you get from power naps are on the mental and emotional side.

A shot of daytime sleep does wonders. It reduces stress and increases patience too–just what you want in an employee if your company thrives on customer satisfaction and don’t we all need that.

We all know that when the brain is sound, the body functions better, some companies support this theory by installing dedicated nap areas in the workplace. In fact, I heard of a company in Houston called “Nap Bar”, which installs napping stores and business is booming.

If you’re feeling run down, having trouble focusing, or just generally not your best self, it might be time to invest in a nap. According to science, a 20-30 minute power nap can do wonders for your productivity and health. If you don’t have time for a full snooze session during the day, no problem! There are plenty of ways to sneak in a quick cat nap without anyone being the wiser. So go ahead and give yourself the break you deserve – schedule a discovery call with us today and we’ll help get you on the path to better health and productivity. Thanks for reading!


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