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What Others Are Saying

Great wellness program. The resources ( literature, counseling and support from the staff) are very helpful. I lost weight and gained muscle mass. Tests revealed health deficiencies and solutions were provided. My health improved and l reduced my blood pressure medications. Get good sleep at night now.


I am so pleased with my progress at Anchor Wellness! I feel so much better & have lost weight continually. Every one there is so very helpful and pleasant. I would certainly encourage anyone with health issues to try this program.


I joined the program because I finally decided to make the decision that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I focus so much on what I look like physically that I just get depression. I went into these vicious cycles of hard-core dieting and binging. It wasn't healthy. I decided I need to fix the inside of me. So I took half of me in good. I'm not the smallest I've ever been, but I'm the happiest I've ever been and have the most energy I thought I ever could have. So I'm very happy with this program. Thank you so much.


I have been on the program for just over 6 weeks. I came in with a long list of symptoms, the major problem for me is muscular pain. I have been to several regular M.D. and specialists to figure out what is wrong with me. But they all seem to blow me off when I'm upfront about not wanting to take opioids. Dr.Minni is the first doctor to be honest with me. She gave me hope in the first meeting but was also realistic. So far my pain is definitely less than before i met her. Not 100% but definitely better!!!!! Everyone that works for Dr.Minni is wonderful!! When I leave a message I always get an answer within 24 hours. They are always calling me to check in that my program is going well. And if it's not they will help me through it. Don't get me wrong this program is very demanding, but if you want results for whatever your reason this is a wonderful place. I came in for pain but my labs show other issues that all my other doctors overlooked. We are a whole person not just symptoms. If you want a doctor who will be through, kind, and has great knowledge of wellness THIS is the place to go.


I wanted to go on path of more healthy living and holistic healing and wellness, so this was the perfect path, I found.

I was 30 pounds overweight, and now I've lost that weight, so I'm on a projectory that is positive and it's very helpful. I learned a lot.

My weight made me sluggish, it made me a unhappy. It made me uncomfortable, and I didn't have as much energy as I do now.

The program helped me learn what to eat or not to eat, how to shop at a grocery store. The program helped me learn the importance of hormones and hormone health, and the program helped me learn how your body can heal itself if you eat right and if you take care of yourself, get enough sleep, and you minimize your stress.

I find that I deal with my stress at work in healthier ways from this program, and professionally and personally, I feel more secure in pursuing my overall health goal to improve my health and to do more runs and races and stuff.


I'm Kim. Okay, both of my parents died of heart disease and both of my siblings died of cancer. That's really why I came because I don't want to have either one of those. I'm a cancer survivor myself. When I heard Dr. Minni, I thought I need to do whatever I can do to be the best I could be. Thank you Dr Minni for your help on putting me on this path.


I have been on their program for about 3 months. I have Hashimoto’s Disease, so losing weight has always been an issue for me. So far I’ve lost over 20lbs, and I’ve gained a ton of energy. Dr Minni and her staff are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have. They are there to help you every step of the way. I have been given more information about my specific health concerns from Dr Minni and her staff than I’ve ever been given from any medical doctor before. The program is easy to understand and follow. Classes are held regularly to help you understand how nutrition works and proper exercise techniques. This program is worth every penny and more.


So, for us, this is a lifestyle change. This is about not being sick and old, like our parents. Both of my parents have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and we're not gonna be sick and old. We have to get old, but we don't have to be sick, and that's why we're here. That, and making our hormones balance, which is good. Wonderful.

So, thank you for showing us how to change what we have been brought up to believe, and the things that we were taught wrong, that we're having to totally, totally, learn a whole new way of eating.


My major issue was hormonal imbalance, mainly the thyroid from a recent blood test. I was feeling drowsy in the mornings, mid afternoon crash, trouble loosing weight, brain fog, etc. But it's never one thing, the body is intricately interwoven, there's always a culmination of a multitude of imbalances. Immediately I began the elimination program, and started to feel better. Then came the Detox stage, and a week into that, my energy started to sore. I knew I was on the right tract. Dr. Minni is very knowledgeable, she not only relies on blood test, but a multitude of whole body results before making a proper diagnosis and treatment program. A normal MD has about 15 minutes per patient. How can you properly treat anything? With Dr. Minni, she spends hours reviewing results, researching, and properly treating with the culmination of multitudes of test. Her staff is personable and efficient. I would highly recommend Anchor Wellness who truly wants to obtain maximum health, not just cover up symptoms with a "band aid" like approach in which a lifetime of drugs is the prescription. People do not have high blood pressure, diabetes, nor high cholesterol because their bodies lack drugs. I choose nutrition and exercise in order to maintain a lifestyle without a lifetime sentence of drugs!


My name is Ivan. I'm 59 years old. I've been participating in the Anchor Wellness peak program for about a year. My health before that, I'll just tell you that I was pretty poor at maintaining my health for several years.

My blood pressure was very high and I also had low,... my blood tests came out with low testosterone. So, those two things were the things that were most trying. I had a vitamin deficiency as well. So these were my symptoms heading into the program ... high blood pressure, overweight, low testosterone, and low Vitamin D.

I lost about 50 pounds, and at the time before I entered the program I was feeling my age. I was feeling ... well, I'm 59 ... I kinda felt like I was 65.

I do enjoy better sleep at night. That's one of the benefits I have. I don't snore anymore.

I think the biggest thing is I do feel more fit. I guess the bad side of things, I had buy a new wardrobe.

My skin actually feels better. My circulation feels better. You can see purple veins and things in my skin before ... that they're not there anymore.

I play the violin. So, one of the other things I noticed too was when I play the violin, your violin has to be help up on your shoulder. It's much easier now and I think flexibility, loss of weight, higher energy level, better sleep and more alert.


This has been a very significant thing for us, my wife and I. Not only losing weight was a big, I lost 40 pounds. I feel much more energetic than I have. I can't remember when I had this much energy and I'm out running my 30 something employees and climbing on rows and things that I haven't any done in a long time.

The main thing, we started feeling that something needed to change. We watched a thing called Forks Over Knives on Netflix years ago and said, "Obviously, something is going wrong with our society and the way that we're doing things and we need to change that." Marylou took Dr. Minni’s seminar and we realized, "Okay, it's time."

But also that the most important thing that we can do is feel good and feel healthy and be healthy. We're experiencing, as I've told these guys before, we have a family history of long lives, but not so healthy. And we have family members that lived well into their 90s, as we're going to too. We want to be healthy doing that. We want to be able to go and play and have fun and enjoy our grandchildren and we realized that now we're going to be able to.

That's a very exciting thing, very exciting thing to be able to walk up the stairs without panting. It's a big deal for me. So, I thank Dr. Minnie and the staff and I realize that we are nowhere close to the end of this thing and we will definitely stay connected with you because it's a journey. All of this, it's a journey to health. It's a journey that we're all going to keep on taking as long as we live. Thank you so much.


My name is Nancy Serrano and I live in Houston, Texas. A have a lot of problems related with my stomach. It was different symptoms that I presented at different times. When I eat something I have diarrhea and it could come anytime easily. It was not only because of the food, but it was problems with my emotions too. When I get exhausted and nervous, it makes me have that condition. I couldn't even predict it when it would happen. It was really frustrating for me. It was many other things too.

I couldn't sleep well. It was really a nightmare for me. It was affecting everything. Even with my husband, I guess, he has been so patient with me, but I guess we could have quite a few problems related to all this. That was when he agreed for me to start with the program, because he was suffering too.

I recommend anyone to join the program because it's really good. That's good. I don't have that problem. So far I haven't got that problem and I'm very happy for that because it was really a big thing. It was a big mess for my life. Now I'm happy that I'm came and did the program. Yes, even at home, if I eat anything that i didn't even know what was going on with me, but this all changed. That's good and thanks to the doctor that she helped me with all this conditions that I didn't know I have.

As a Christian I believe that God always guide us to what we need in life and I'm glad He guide me to Dr. Malhotra. I'm just happy that I did it, because I feel much, much, much better. I'm happy because my life has changed for the best.


I am 85 years old, I tell you I as slowly dying when I went for her seminar. I just couldn’t get up, I was nervous, I could hardly walk, I could nothing, I was just slowly dying.. But now I have come back alive!! I really thank Dr Minni for giving me my life back.


Highly educated. Committed to excellence. Invested. Inspiring. Highly recommend.


Great team. You can tell they really care about their patients. Nice holistic approach.


The Anchor Wellness Center true healers and deliver on their promise to resolve your health conditions and feel better without depending on medications.


I have had a weight problem all my life. I recently developed acid reflux, blood pressure and sleep apnea…….. I am now sleeping better and feeling better. The program is contoured towards the individual and it is about the overall person and not just one thing. Dr. Malhotra is genuinely concerned about her patients. I feel very welcome here. Dr. Malhotra even calls me on the phone to check on me on how I am doing.


I attended one of Dr. Malhotra’s wellness seminars and I learned how important it is to eat healthy whole foods. Since joining her program, I have lost 20 pounds. I love the fact that she is your biggest cheer leader. She walks you through the process step by step.. I encourage everybody who wants to get a healthier weight and be in healthier in body, mind and spirit to join her program .


I have struggled to lose weight and I have been so tired all the time. Yes, I have seen improvement. I have lost weight and my energy is coming back. Malhotra is super and very kind and very helpful. She takes time to explain situations and listen to me. She does not hurry me and I appreciate that very much.


I have previously tried every diet in the books. Tops, weight watchers, liquid diet for a year. I even had my stomach stapled. At Anchor Wellness Center I have learned what my body needs to stay healthy. When I started the program, I couldn’t take the one flight of stairs, had to stop and catch my breath. Now I am taking stairs 12 times in 30 minutes for my exercise, almost running up. In about 4 months I have lost about 30 pounds.


Great staff with good attitudes. I will most certainly be visiting again. Go you guys!!


The patient care is excellent! The staff properly take you step by step in your personal health needs.


When I came to Dr. Malhotra, I was very very sick. I had been on medical leave for many months and was about to lose my job. My fatigue was severe, I had endometriosis, chronic Lyme disease, Celiac disease and I had auto-immune rash all over my body, spots on my chest and on my back. I have been on the program for 4 months now. I have been able to go back to work. I am getting stronger all the time and I have improved my life. I have colleagues, who have health issues of their own, coming to me asking for help because they can see the difference and notice the change in my life. I am encouraging them to consider the program.


This team was very easy to work with, and you can tall they really care about helping people.


Feeling active less tiredness last Hunger great I'm so happy


I'm glad I become a member of Anchor wellnessAnd started Paleo cleanse 'detoxification program of 21 days under the supervision of Dr Minni Malhotra And after first week it showed some good results hope I will reach my goal


I really feel motivated to continue keeping physically fit after the fun workout with a trainer at Anchor Wellness Center. We had stations set up for us to target certain muscles in the body. Thank you for caring for our needs!