Thyroid Disorders: Don’t Suffer In Silence

Do you suffer from unexplained fatigue, weight gain, mood swings or hair loss? If so, you may have a thyroid disorder and not even know it. Thyroid disorders are very common, but many people don’t realize they have one because the symptoms can be vague and easy to ignore. This blog post is for anyone who suspects they might have a thyroid disorder, or who has been recently diagnosed and is looking for information on how to manage their condition. I’ll mention different types of thyroid disorders and the symptoms to watch out for. So if you’re feeling like something’s just not right, please read on!

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Thyroid problems can be easily mistaken for other health issues, the symptoms you feel, maybe similar to pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and other health problems. According to statistics, 10% of the United States population are diagnosed to have thyroid issues which range from a small harmless goiter that needs no treatment to a life threatening cancer.

The feeling of dog-tiredness is inescapable for those who work multiple jobs and care about their family. I know one friend who shared how she would feel this way sometimes. Except that she was single and supposedly living her best life, thriving in her thirties. A few months later, you can guess she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It was the culprit, causing her to feel tired and lose focus. She did not see that coming at all.

Watch out for the telltale signs

Thyroid disorders can significantly impact one’s mood, energy levels, making people feel tired, anxious and experience sleeping difficulties. This happens due to a disarray in the thyroid hormone production, particularly hypothyroidism. When you start experiencing bone numbness, it’s time to get tested for thyroid conditions.

Weight Gain or Loss

An unanticipated and unexplained change in weight is one of the most common signs of hypothyroidism or thyroid disorder in general. Even when the person eats regularly, they could lose somewhere between five to 10 pounds, depending on the extremity of the case. While a lot of people may rejoice over fat shedding, this can be a red flag with underlying health concerns.

A Goiter

Developing goiter is probably the most visible symptom that you will notice. This condition occurs when the thyroid gland grows larger due to a lack of iodine. Iodine is essential to help produce thyroid hormones. Goiters may be a result of the over or underproduction of thyroid hormones or the presence of nodules in the thyroid itself. A swelling normally at the base of the neck is then easily recognizable.

Vision Issues

There are vision problems that might be associated with a thyroid condition. People diagnosed with thyroid problems may later experience several vision problems. It may include bulging red or swollen eyes, sensitivity to light and blurring or double vision. When left untreated, severe eye problems can lead to vision loss.

So if you’re feeling tired, gaining weight, losing hair, or having other symptoms that don’t seem to go away with time and self-care, it’s important to see a doctor. Thyroid conditions can be cured with the right diagnosis and treatment plan. We hope this article has helped you become more aware of the signs and symptoms of thyroid problems. If you think you may have a thyroid condition, please schedule a discovery call with us today. Our team would be happy to help you get on the path to better health!


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