Meet The Team

Meet The Doctor

Minni Malhotra, MD

Dr. Minni specializes in patient centered care and is a highly trained Doctor of Family Medicine and is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Minni Malhotra has practiced traditional medicine for 10 years in the USA in addition to a previous 10 years in India. She is a diplomate of the Board of American Academy of Anti-Aging in addition to board certification from American Academy of Family Medicine. Recognizing that healthcare in our country has turned into a disease-care system rather than healthcare management, she has actively trained to help people attain lifelong health and wellness through natural treatment.

Lifestyle Architect and Wellness Mentor

Dr. Malhotra is a firm believer of natural and holistic medicine, using the power of mind, body and soul to help us heal. She uses plant based nutraceuticals in her treatment plans. Using her blueprint, you can incorporate simple self-care principles and lifestyle changes to attain great results. By following the 5 pillars of health, she helps you resolve many underlying stressors of life which lead to breakdown of health.

The knowledge that her program will impart will make you successful in taking control of your health and fitness while dispelling the ever growing number of fallacies and myths related to this subject. Dr. Malhotra’s fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation incorporates nutrition, hormone balance, a unique exercise program and permanent weight loss control. This program works for all ages but offers additional specifics to middle and aged ‘’Baby Boomers. Her Doctorate of Medicine complements her Fellowship in advanced nutrition and endocrinology. She combines the positive aspects of traditional medicine with the functional medicine to acquire everlasting health and eternal wellness.

Dr. Minni goes beyond common standards of care with personalized, precision care.

Rather than simply treating your symptoms and/or merely managing a health condition; you are seen as whole person.  She will not camouflage your symptoms with medications, but instead aim to resolve the root cause of your problem. She will provide tailor made solutions, combining nutritional support, fitness, and the powerful mind-body experience to allow the body to heal from with and restore its natural function.

About Our Team

Kendra Kaylakie

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

Education and Certification:

  • B.S. Kinesiology with a minor in nutrition
  • Ace Certified Personal Trainer
  • Ace Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Group Fitness Instructor

Ruby Jewel Plessinger

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

I understand that working out is not everyone’s favorite pastime for a wide range of reasons?and excuses. I also know that if you actually WANT to achieve a goal, you CAN with motivation, drive and the right attitude. Persevere. I have a passion for fitness and a passion for people. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people with various goals from different walks of life. I have the honor and privilege of seeing clients reap the benefits of their hard work: ditching blood pressure meds, reversing diabetes, getting in to those “skinny” jeans, toning, weight loss, increased energy, sleeping more sound, working more efficient and living an overall healthier, happier lifestyle. My client’s progress is a true reflection of my own success.

  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • Cross Training Fitness Instructor
  • Zumba Certified
  • Group Fitness Instructor

Seema Shah

Seema Shah

Holistic Health Coach

Seema has worked in healthcare for over a decade in UK. Her interest in holistic health made her explore various fields over the years, including holistic massage, reflexology, nutritional therapy and aromatherapy. She also trained as a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2009, she trained as a raw food chef. Her love for creative expression led her to train as an image consultant at the Colour Me Beautiful institute in London in 2012. Furthermore, her passion for yoga and meditation led her to train as a yoga instructor. In her spare time, Seema loves to express her creativity through the world of colors by painting, which she finds therapeutic.

  • Bachelor of Dentistry (University of London)
  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
  • VTCT Diploma in Reflexology
  • IIN Health Coaching
  • CMB Image Consultancy
  • The Health Sciences Academy – Nutritional Therapist
  • VYASA 200hrs Yoga Instructor

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