Science PROVES These 5 Exercises Keep Your Brain Young & Sharp!

Staying mentally sharp as you age is key to enjoying a high quality of life. And, according to science, there are simple exercises that can help you do just that! In this blog post, we’ll explore what those exercises are and how you can start implementing them into your routine today. So keep reading to learn more!


It’s a common misconception that there are no ways of improving brain health as we age. In reality, there are tons of things we can do. For people over 60 years old, there is recent research, which has shown that we have neurogenesis at any point. Neurogenesis is the growth of new neurons in the brain. That means, we can always stimulate our brains to grow new neural pathways to replace the old ones, thus improving brain function at any age. Remember: aging does not mean losing your memory or forgetting things. 


Play mind games.

Keep your brain active by playing games, reading and doing puzzles. Personally, I enjoy playing Sudoku. There is a wide variety of multi-gaming esports websites across the internet. You can find numerous games which you can play on a regular basis to stimulate your brain. You may also opt for the more conventional way of solving puzzles. Either way, these mind games are sure to tickle creativity and critical thinking skills your brain truly enjoys. 


Regular Exercise

Exercise regularly to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. Include strength and endurance training in your regular exercise routine. When you exercise for 30 – 45 minutes daily, your brain health improves tremendously. It is because movement helps lower your cortisol and insulin levels, plus you burn calories. I’ve seen people who exercise generally eat healthier. 


Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Everybody knows eating more vegetables and fruits is good for you. In particular, the green leafy vegetables and colored variety have antioxidants and phytonutrients. These will actually help you reduce inflammation and keep your blood sugars balanced, thus giving you the nutrition that your brain needs. 

The brain is made up of almost 70-80% fat! Nuts and seeds are also really good for you. I’m not talking about fried food but healthy fats that can come from avocados or fatty fish with omega 3s in them to help memory function properly among other things. Flaxseed oil which has been shown, especially when taken daily, helps maintain your cognitive skills over time. Fermented coconut milk contains lauric acid and balanced saturated oily acids so its rich source of fiber will keep those nerves calm while soothing inflammation.


Get Enough Sleep

When we sleep, our brains get rid of the toxins that have been building up during waking hours. Without proper restful slumber, you will find yourself feeling tired and sluggish throughout your day. These ill effects from excessive wastes in one’s system linger on to make themselves known more intensely than before due solely because they were never dealt with properly first-hand by sleeping restfully! Sleep is the body’s and brain’s way to recharge. 


Fresh air and sunshine every day. 

You need sunlight. Yes, we can take a supplement but getting this from 15 minutes of sun every day is free. It also helps keep your other hormones down so you feel more relaxed as well! When there’s light outside at night (or even just early morning), our brains release serotonin which keeps us calm while keeping stress levels low – all thanks to vitamin D3 stimulation by good old sunshine. 

So there you have it- five simple brain health tips that will help keep your memory sharp and your mind active. These are easy things to do, and they don’t require a lot of time or money. Just make sure you schedule some time for yourself each day to focus on keeping your brain healthy. And if you want more personalized advice, we’re here to help. Schedule a discovery call today to see how our team can help support your mental wellbeing!


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