Dr Minni Malhotra Talks Functional Medicine at The Harvard Club of Boston

At The Harvard Club of Boston’s Expert Story Summit, Dr. Minni Malhotra of Anchor Wellness Center (https://anchorwellnesscenter.com/) shares about her journey to practicing functional medicine.

Functional medicine empowers patients to achieve optimal health by reversing the root causes of disease, rather than just masking symptoms with medication. This personalized approach uses incisive health assessments to develop a unique treatment plan for every patient, combining nutritional support, fitness, and the powerful mind-body experience to support healing and restore natural function.

In this talk, Dr. Minni shares about how she came to practice functional medicine. The story is a personal one, as Dr. Minni describes how genetics predisposed her family to a variety of ailments that conventional medicine sought to treat with prescriptions. Her quest for true healing led her to functional medicine training, including a fellowship, and a transition away from conventional medicine and its problematic insurance practices.

We hope you enjoy the entire talk! For a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with Anchor Wellness Center, call us at 832-246-8437!

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