Dr Minni Malhotra Talks Functional Medicine at The Harvard Club of Boston

At The Harvard Club of Boston’s Expert Story Summit, Dr. Minni Malhotra of Anchor Wellness Center ( shares about her journey to practicing functional medicine. Functional medicine empowers patients to achieve optimal health by reversing the root causes of disease, rather than just masking symptoms with medication. This personalized approach uses incisive health assessments to […]

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Take Charge of Your Health with Anchor Wellness Center (Video)

HOUSTON – Dr. Minni Malhotra with Anchor Wellness Center and her patient Regina Campbell talk about her wellness program. Regina suffered from High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fatigue, Arthiritis, Hypo-Thyroidism and her low libido was affecting her married life. Dr Minni explains what is her approach to addressing chronic diseases. Watch how Regina got her […]

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