Pre-conception Care

Preconception care is a process of promoting optimal health in both parents prior to conception, in order to improve the chances of healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

Sperm production takes 72-116 days, and it takes around 100 days for eggs to mature – in this time, the egg and sperm are taking up nutrients and are highly susceptible to genetic modification and damage. In the 3-4 months before conception, there is great opportunity to optimize the genetic material, and the environment in which babies are conceived.

In the same way that that nutritional status, lifestyle and environmental toxins can affect your health, these factors also affect the functioning of your reproductive system, the quality eggs and sperm, and the genetic material that they carry. What you eat and drink, your emotional and physical experiences in daily life, and the chemicals that you are exposed to will all come in to play to affect health, reproductive functioning, and egg or sperm quality.

With lifestyle education and detoxification methods, our preconception programs not only offer the opportunity for optimal fertility and environment at conception, it also sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy.

Early fetal exposures have the potential to affect affect lifelong likelihood of developing chronic disease. It was once thought that the placenta selectively filters the blood to protect babies from harmful substances. In a landmark study by the Environmental Working Group, 200 industrial chemicals were found in the cord blood of new born babies. Some of the chemicals found were known endocrine disruptions, including BPA from plastics. Most of the chemicals have not been studied for health effects, either singularly or in combination with other chemicals.

In the last 40 years there have been an increase in genital malformations, cancers, diabetes, neuro-behavioral development problems, obesity and infertility. Since human genetics are stable over that relatively short amount of time, we must look at our environment, lifestyle and dietary practices that are affecting our health and that of the next generation.

Anchor Wellness center’s preconception programs focus on:

  • Preventing exposure to reproductive toxins and promoting detoxification
  • Improving nutrient status through diet and targeted supplementation
  • Lifestyle and mindset education
  • Fertility awareness methods for optimizing menstrual cycle awareness and timing conception for improved chance of falling pregnant

While on their preconception journey, couples often report improved general health and energy. Healthier parents are better prepared for the life stages and changes of pregnancy, birth and having a new baby.

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