Mini-Course: How To Stop Being Held Hostage By Hormones

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Don't Let Chronic Hormone Imbalances Issues Ruin Your Life

  • WHY impaired gut health is the #1 reason for most hormonal issues (and the #1 lab test most docs overlook to identify specific imbalances)
  • WHY releasing weight seems impossible (and the secret to rebooting thyroid and metabolic hormones from the inside out)
  • HOW to figure out the real cause for hormonal dysfunction (and the #1 reason why most patients suffer needlessly)
  • WHY you are still having symptoms even though you are already on hormone replacement therapy (and some of the key issues causing this that your doctor might have missed)

Stop Spinning Your Wheels...

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Transformational Insights

Get an eye-opening look at why you have trouble achieving your health goals and why your current approach is keeping you stuck. I also outline how our approach is decidedly different from what you’ve tried so far.

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Getting Your Health Back On Track Guide” as a companion to the mini-course. Rather than giving you bandaid solutions, this guide will help your start meditating about the real health topics you should be thinking about.

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Access Exclusive Masterclass

After you’ve watched the transformative video series, you’ll be excited to dive deeper into my masterclass so you can get started on your path to feeling your best self and unlock an approach to resolve your wellness issues for good!

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Schedule Complimentary Strategy Session

For those that want to get more specific answers to your chronic health hurdles, apply for a free call with our team to discuss the best next steps on your health recovery. Plus, we can discuss what our process looks like.

Your journey back to health starts today!

Meet Dr. Minni Malhotra

Dr. Minni specializes in patient centered care and is a highly trained Doctor of Family Medicine and is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Minni Malhotra has practiced traditional medicine for 10 years in the USA in addition to a previous 10 years in India. She is a diplomate of the Board of American Academy of Anti-Aging in addition to board certification from American Academy of Family Medicine. Recognizing that healthcare in our country has turned into a disease-care system rather than healthcare management, she has actively trained to help people attain lifelong health and wellness through natural treatment.

Dr. Malhotra is a firm believer of natural and holistic medicine, using the power of mind, body and soul to help us heal. She uses plant based nutraceuticals in her treatment plans. Using her blueprint, you can incorporate simple self-care principles and lifestyle changes to attain great results. By following the 5 pillars of health, she helps you resolve many underlying stressors of life which lead to breakdown of health.

The knowledge that her program will impart will make you successful in taking control of your health and fitness while dispelling the ever growing number of fallacies and myths related to this subject.

Dr. Malhotra’s fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation incorporates nutrition, hormone balance, a unique exercise program and permanent weight loss control. This program works for all ages but offers additional specifics to middle and aged ‘’Baby Boomers. Her Doctorate of Medicine complements her Fellowship in advanced nutrition and endocrinology. She combines the positive aspects of traditional medicine with the functional medicine to acquire everlasting health and eternal wellness.

Dr. Minni goes beyond common standards of care with personalized, precision care. Rather than simply treating your symptoms and/or merely managing a health condition; you are seen as whole person. She will not camouflage your symptoms with medications, but instead aim to resolve the root cause of your problem. She will provide tailor made solutions, combining nutritional support, fitness, and the powerful mind-body experience to allow the body to heal from with and restore its natural function.