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weight loss spring txThe time has come to break free of fad diets and short-term weight loss programs and get lasting results with the weight loss experts at Anchor Wellness Center. With medical weight loss, Spring, TX residents get a personalized, physician-guided weight loss plan. Dr. Minni Malhotra is Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as Board Certified with the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Along with our fitness and nutrition experts, Dr. Malhotra, MD, FAARM, ABAARM, will help you realize your health and weight loss goals.

The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss – Spring, TX

Last week we discussed some the immediate benefits you will experience from medical weight loss in Spring, TX. This week we’ll be looking at the long term benefits you will enjoy as you continue on your weight loss journey.


  • Better sleep – Research has shown that losing just 5% percent of your body weight can result in improved, more restful sleep. Weight loss can also help resolve snoring and sleep apnea issues, since these are often caused by excess weight around the neck.
  • Less joint aches – Excess weight on joints causes pain, causing many people to avoid exercise, which causes more weight gain and exacerbates the problem. Reducing the amount of weight your joints are carrying will considerably decrease aches and pain. Additionally, improved fitness strengthens the ligaments and muscles around the joints, providing extra support and pain relief.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and other serious ailments – Losing weight and increasing fitness levels have significant, positive impacts on major body systems. Those at a high-risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic and life-threatening conditions can significantly decrease their risks with medical weight loss in Spring, TX.
  • Restored energy and better hormonal balance – Your thyroid gland produces the hormones that are essential for regulating your metabolism and building muscle strength. Shedding excess body fat restores balance to your thyroid, helping you maintain your weight loss and increase your fitness level. You will also notice your energy levels increasing, helping you feel energetic and youthful once again.
  • Health and aesthetic benefits – Lastly, medical weight loss helps you look and feel better. Many people want these benefits overnight, but it is important to remember you did not reach your current weight overnight, and reversing the process takes time. Before you know it, your clothes will fit better, friends and family will compliment your weight loss, and you will be feeling healthier than you have in years.


Successful Medical Weight Loss – Spring, TX

The team at Anchor Wellness Center, led by Dr. Minni Malhotra, MD, FAARM, ABAARM, are committed to helping achieve their optimal health. If you are ready to start the journey to a healthier you, call us today at (832) 246-8437.

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