Gut Health: The Missing Link In Your Overall Health (Anchor Wellness 5R Protocol)

Are you feeling sluggish and uninspired? Struggling to concentrate, suffering from poor digestion, or have recurrent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms? It could be that your gut health is not up to par. Researchers now understand that the complex universe of bacteria living in our guts plays a crucial role in ensuring systemic health and vitality. This means taking good care of our microbiome is essential to reaching optimal wellness – by understanding how its inner workings affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. If you are looking for practical answers as well as tools on what it takes to achieve gut health optimally, then our Anchor Wellness 5R protocol will be the helpful guide you can turn to!


The Gut is the Second Brain 


Your gut is your second brain. Have you heard this adage before?

You have a gut-brain connection, and if your gut is not healthy, your brain or any part of your body is not healthy. 


Why is gut health important?

You digest your food in your gut.

Your gut is the bridge between outside and in. Without it, you wouldn’t have access to powerful sources of energy for your day-to-day life. By properly digesting food, that same power can be unlocked – giving us the essential nutrients we need to stay fit and healthy. But when things go wrong with digestion there are a variety of uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, gas pains, acid reflux, etc. 


Keeps away the bad stuff.

This incredible system acts like a filter and helps to keep your body free of toxic stuff like viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals – making sure that all the bad things can get out of there.


70% of your immune system lives in your gut.

Your gut health plays a major role in your overall well-being by impacting the effectiveness of your immune system. A healthy and balanced digestive system encourages strong defenses against infections, exposures, and even cancers.


The gut helps the body manage stress and sleep.

Having gut health is not only important for your digestion, but it also has surprisingly much more influence on your overall well-being. Your gut plays a key role in regulating stress and sleep levels, producing hormones such as melatonin and serotonin – often referred to as the ‘happy hormone’. 


Improving gut function is an essential part of leading an optimal life as it helps our bodies manage stress and sleep better.

Connection of the brain and the gut. 


Gut health is essential for holistic well-being – when it takes a dive, the body and mind can suffer serious repercussions. From depression to anxiety and disrupted sleep patterns, signs of an unhealthy gut shouldn’t be ignored; taking steps towards nourishing your system can help restore balance in all aspects of life.

How else is the gut so important? 


The gut also does a lot of other functions, which you may not realize.

That Gut Feeling 

Having a “gut feeling” is more than just a metaphor! It’s scientifically proven that our gut can help us push through difficult situations by managing stress in an intuitive and effective way.

The gut helps with memory, focus, and concentration. 

We often think of gut health as something that only matters for our physical bodies, but it can have profound effects on our cognition too.


The gut is directly connected to the brain so it plays an important role in managing attention, focus, and short-term memory. Making sure gut health is in optimal shape can greatly help support these functions, making everything from having conversations to taking tests a smoother experience. 


It helps with movement. 

When it comes to gut health, many people don’t realize just how important gut health is for improving our overall physical function and movement. If gut inflammation sets in, it can cause issues in our ligaments, tendons, and joints. It is therefore essential to take steps to manage gut inflammation if we wish to enjoy optimal physical movement and performance.

Even the skin is affected by gut health. 

Your skin can be an indicator of your gut health! You might suffer from eczema or other skin conditions if there’s something out-of-balance with the internal immune system. A healthy, happy inside could very well mean having healthier, more radiant looking skin on the outside too.


Unhealthy gut flora can have far-reaching effects on our bodies, leading to possible diabetes, and heart issues, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Taking control of your microbiome is an effective way to safeguard against any unwelcome consequences that may arise from poor digestive health.

Anchor Wellness 5 R Protocol

How do we heal the gut, this magnificent organ system that we have?

Let’s get back to basics and unlock the secrets of our amazing 5 R protocol. I’m sure you’ve heard me buzzing around it a few times, so why don’t we explore what makes this strategy shine?



Give your body the nutrients it needs to feel its best by removing anything that may be causing irritation and opting for nutrient-rich whole foods instead. Treat yourself with kindness through mindful eating, leaving processed products far behind!



Replenish your beneficial bacteria to promote mental and physical well-being. These tiny probiotic powerhouses work wonders for stabilizing moods, balancing hormones, and creating those vital vitamins you need. So give them the nourishment they deserve today—you’ll be glad you did.



Give your gut some TLC. Strengthen your inner well-being by introducing gut-strengthening elements such as aloe vera, glutamine, and bone broth into your daily routine. 



Take a moment to reset and relax. By mindfully taking time for yourself you can help manage stress, better your overall well-being with quality sleep, and create the foundation of good gut health. 



Upgrade your gut health with new digestive enzymes and acids, making sure to replenish any deficiencies for increased vitality.


A Note on Exercising

Keeping your gut healthy isn’t all about what you eat – it’s just as important to ensure that exercise is part of the equation. A routine that includes regular physical activity at moderate levels can lead to countless health benefits for your digestive system.

It’s obvious that our gut health plays a multitude of important roles in the body, from digesting our food to regulating our hormones, and even forming part of our immune response. Therefore, it’s vital that we prioritize gut health in order to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle. The Anchor Wellness 5R Protocol provides one a comprehensive way of addressing this issue, as it helps tackle both the dietary and mental aspects of gut health simultaneously. In addition, although exercise is not included in this protocol, it should still be considered an essential component in any gut-health plan. Overall, taking charge of your gut health is likely to result in a great many rewards – so why wait?  If you’re ready to add the missing link of good gut health into your overall health plan, be sure to schedule a discovery call with us at Anchor Wellness today.


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