The Functional Medicine Difference

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You may be asking, “What is functional medicine?” Put simply, functional medicine is a science-based, natural way to regain health. Its patient-centered approach focuses on treating the whole individual – who may have bodily imbalances, symptoms and dysfunctions – rather than treating health problems as isolated diseases. Functional medicine understands that diseases may have multiple causes and seeks to cure disease at its roots, rather than just treat the symptoms.

Picture your health as an iceberg: the part that is visible (disease) is simply a manifestation of larger problems beneath the surface (hormonal imbalances, stress, exposure to toxins, nutrient deficiencies, etc.). In order to accurately treat the disease, you must deal with the problems lying beneath the surface. If you only focus on clearing the part you can see, the underlying problems will simply resurface – sometimes in the form of a new disease. For example, high stress levels can cause migraines. If you treat the migraines but do nothing to relieve the stress, it will lead to more serious health problems, including high blood pressure and adrenal fatigue.

All too often modern health care just treats the tip of the iceberg, rarely leading to long-term relief and optimal health. Functional medicine identifies and treats the underlying causes of disease and restores balance to the body’s primary physiological processes. Lifelong optimal health for patients is the goal of functional medicine, Conroe TX.

Treating Chronic Health Problems with Functional Medicine in Conroe, TX

Today’s health care system tends to approach acute and chronic health problems the same way, but what works for an acute health problem is not necessarily the best course of action for chronic diseases. If you have a heart attack or a sudden, severe infection, it is entirely appropriate for the doctor to respond quickly with surgery, antibiotics, and other life-saving interventions. However, rushing to treat chronic ailments – such as autoimmune and digestive disorders – with surgery and drugs can be detrimental and lead to unnecessary surgery and complications.

Functional Medicine: Understanding the Whole Person

When you visit a traditional doctor’s office for the first time, they have you fill out forms detailing your medical history and symptoms, but information gathering rarely goes beyond that. Here in our office near Conroe, TX, functional medicine doctors get your full history, including mental and emotional health. They understand that your body’s systems are connected, and an emotional or mental problem can manifest physical distress. By taking the time to thoroughly understand their patients’ emotional, mental and physical states, functional medicine doctors gather a complete picture that allows them to outline an effective course of treatment.

Our functional medicine expert Dr. Minni Malhotra, MD, FAARM, ABAARM helps patients treat thyroid disorders and hormone imbalances, offers weight management and nutrition services, and much more. Contact us today at (832) 246-8437 to learn more about the functional medicine difference.

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