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The American Diabetes Association Finally Recommends Low Carb; Still Recommends Foods That Promote Diabetes

Although they are more than a couple of decades behind functional medicine, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is finally recommending lower carbohydrate diets for people with diabetes. In functional medicine, we have long seen the deleterious effects of carbohydrate-laden diets on not only blood sugar, but also on chronic inflammatory disorders, weight, hormonal balance, and […]

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What Causes Blood Sugar Spikes?

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be a battle. Knowing what causes blood sugar spikes can help you avoid high blood sugar levels and prevent unnecessary complications. If you need help controlling your diabetes, schedule an appointment with Dr. Minni Malhotra, MD, FAARM, ABAARM today. What Causes Blood […]

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