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The Connection Between Diet and Emotional Health

The more doctors study the gut-brain connection, the more we learn about the link between diet and emotional health. Studies have shown that boosting beneficial gut bacteria can help improve your ability to handle stressful situations and deal with fear, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your mood. That is why functional medicine doctors, such […]

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Positivity is good for health, but so is appropriate negativity — how to avoid “toxic positivity”

If you are working to manage your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism or other chronic or autoimmune disorder, you may have heard a positive attitude is good for your health. And it’s true — positive thinking, gratitude, and healthy socialization have all been linked to better health outcomes. However, chasing a positive attitude can have a dark side. […]

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Living at High Altitudes Can Increase Suicide Risk

Emerging research reveals that higher-altitude living contributes to higher risk for depression and suicide. While studies continue to look into the mechanisms behind this trend, it’s clear a variety of factors come into play. From the unique effects that altitude has on the brain to social and psychological aspects of life in the high country, […]

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Do You Feel More Depressed in the Summer?

Most everyone has heard of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, when winter brings on chronic blues. But if you feel better in winter than summer, you may have summer SAD, also called reverse SAD. While the jury is still out on the causes of summer SAD, there are ways to get through the season with […]

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