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What is Adrenal Insufficiency?

What is adrenal insufficiency? Adrenal insufficiency is a disorder that occurs when the adrenal glands don’t make enough of certain hormones, specifically cortisol and aldosterone. An insufficient amount of these hormones affects the body’s ability to respond to stress and maintain other vital functions. Adrenal insufficiency is classified as either primary or secondary, and can […]

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Defending Adrenal Fatigue from Doctors’ Dismissals

If you struggle with chronic exhaustion, insomnia, poor immunity, and persistent low blood sugar symptoms, you likely have poor function of the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys and secrete stress hormones. However, your conventional doctor may have told you there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue based on guidance from The Hormone […]

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How to Support Adrenal Function Naturally

In our high-stress society, it’s important to know how to support adrenal function. The adrenal glands are walnut-sized organs that sit on top of the kidneys and produce hormones that control our response to stress. When you experience periods of prolonged stress, your adrenals can become “fatigued” and fail to regulate your hormones properly, particularly […]

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