Improve Autism Outcomes With Neurofeedback

Autism, autism spectrum disorder, and Asperger syndrome are neurological conditions frequently detected during early childhood.  Neurofeedback training is a non-invasive training that provides long-lasting improvements to children and adults.  

These improvements can be witnessed in daily life, as we have seen our patients exhibit increased levels of calmness, communicate better, better self-regulation, and increase the predictability of their response to their teachers, counselors, and care-givers. The training sessions are short, relaxed, and are done at the client’s pace.   

As A Parent Or Care-Giver, You Know What Works Best.

Parents and care-givers are the most knowledgeable resource when it comes to knowing what works and what isn’t working. You know best where your child struggles and where they excel.  We offer a free initial consultation where we discuss together how training works, how it can help your child, and outcome goals for the training.  We offer our neurofeedback expertise while discussing the best ways to partner with parents to achieve the best results.

A Head To Toe Look At Health

In addition to offering neurofeedback training, we also discuss and evaluate nutrition and digestive health.  Good nutrition and digestion can help restore neurotransmitter balance and help improve brain chemistry, so the training and change is easier to achieve.  Click here for more information about our nutritional programs.

How Does A Training Session Work?

Neurofeedback training is done in a relaxed, quiet environment where the patient watches a video of their choice. Two small sensors are placed on the scalp to measure brainwaves while the patient watches the movie. The sensors offer feedback in real-time and, based on the types of brainwaves received, alters the video in a way that will help balance the brainwave generation  Over time, this brain stimulation helps create new, more efficient pathways allowing for a more harmonious flow within the brain, improving symptoms associated with ASD. 

Training Is Natural And The Results Are Long-Lasting

Neurofeedback training is based on a natural learning process known as operant conditioning.  Operant conditioning is something we use every day to learn new tasks. It is the process of attempting a task, receiving an outcome, then attempting the task again in a slightly new way until the task is mastered.  

Throughout the training, Neurofeedback offers this type of feedback to the brain during each session. The training helps the brain build new neural pathways that allow the patient to think more clearly.  With many of our ASD patients, we achieve a noticeable improvement in communication, allowing significant gains in all other areas of their life. 

We’ve made it easy to find out if Neurofeedback can help you – Free!

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