Are You Producing Enough Energy? Here’s What To Look For

Do you ever feel like there’s a giant void between where you are in life and where you want to be? Or perhaps like your daily energy output isn’t enough to get the most out of each day? Believe it or not, these are common experiences regardless of age or career. In this post, we’re going explore how YOU can maximize your body’s internal energy production so that you can reach those goals and unlock dreams that may have previously felt unattainable! With some insight into human biology and small habit changes, soon enough you’ll find yourself equipped with an abundance of productive energy ready for any task at hand. Read on to gain clarity on the available tools at your disposal!



What does energy mean to you? 


Energy means different things to different people. If you ask a small child what energy means to them, it will mean running around in circles, doing crazy things, and still not getting tired by the end of the day, unless they’re so sleepy or sleep catches up and they go to sleep. On the flip side, if you ask a corporate executive what energy means to them, it will mean being able to stay focused, alert, and productive throughout their day. 


It is safe to say that both scenarios involve the use of energy in some way or another.


Your body runs like a well-oiled machine, powering your everyday activities from mental alertness to physical endurance. Every single movement and thought you have is fueled by its intricate energy production system – quite an impressive feat. 


The Krebs Cycle

How could we power the cells in our bodies? It’s no small feat. The Krebs Cycle is the energy-producing process that works tirelessly to get us going. The fact that this complex system runs 24/7 within each of us is nothing short of astonishing, and it stands as a testament to nature’s astounding brilliance. We don’t tend to think of ourselves as highly efficient miniature energy factories – but with the ability of our body to generate energy through the Krebs Cycle, what else could we be?

Food has three categories: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They have to be broken down and there are many steps involved. As a result, you produce Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), otherwise known as energy molecules, which gives you the energy to do things.


If you’re feeling a lack of vitality after eating, something might be blocking your body from unlocking the energy it needs. Could this mean that there’s an underlying issue?

Investigate and Find out

Nutrient Deficiency 

It’s possible if your energy levels are lacking and your diet is low in the essential nutrients that your body needs. Without adequate energy, our bodies cannot turn the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from food into energy molecules (ATP) to power everyday activities and help with metabolism.

Nutrient deficiency means you either aren’t consuming enough nutrients through food or that what you’re eating isn’t balanced in terms of the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for energy production. Consider reviewing your dietary habits to make sure nutritional deficiencies don’t hold you back from reaching potential energy levels.


Toxicity, Metal Poisoning, or Infection

It could be someone’s environment that’s contributing to those days of low or no energy – whether you’re exposed to something toxic, have been dealing with heavy metal poisoning, been in contact with mold, or have some kind of infection that is lingering like bacterial, viral, or fungal.

All these scenarios could be a reason as to why you’re feeling so exhausted and fatigued.

How’s your sleep?

If you’re not sleeping well, your brain doesn’t have time to hut down and get rid of toxins. 


The brain is our most powerful organ, and with the dawn of technology, it’s been taxed more than ever. That’s why it is so crucial to give your brain a break from time to time. Unplugging from technology and taking some well deserved downtime can help give your brain much needed rest and rejuvenation. Taking regular pauses allows us to take a step back and refocus on productivity through renewed freshness, making us even more effective at what we do.

Therefore never underestimate the importance of deliberate downtime for your brain – you’ll soon feel better equipped and prepared to take on anything life throws at you.

Good Ol’ Stress

Stress can hit you at every opportunity, whether it be from work, yourself, relationships, or finances. It sits heavily on your shoulders, like a clingy burlap sack full of bricks, waiting silently to burst you down with its pressure. And no matter your age or job stressors, the effects are consistently damaging.


The nervousness from any form of stress affects more than just the mental state – it slowly saps away your physical energy levels as well; this is caused by an increase in cortisol production that leaves us feeling absolutely burnt out and tired. 

Hormones, are they balanced?

Your hormones need to stay in balance in order to provide the energy you require. Without a proper hormonal balance, your vitality can be compromised.

Finding and maintaining a proper hormonal equilibrium is key for powering up your everyday energy needs. Having too much or too little of certain key hormones can not only prevent you from feeling energized but also may result in challenges like fatigue and a drop in performance.

Get more Energized

With your energy levels plummeting, let’s explore how to get back on track. What strategies can you employ to give yourself the extra boost needed?

High quality nutrition

For optimal health and energy, achieve high-quality nutrition that covers the three macros plus all essential micronutrients. To add variety to your diet, be sure to include nutrient-rich colored vegetables along with multi or whole grains; making leafy greens a staple of every meal never goes amiss either.

For sustaining fuel throughout the day look no further than lean meats such as grass fed beef, chicken breast, and fish – they’ll provide you with an abundance of protein.

Digestive Enzymes 

Keeping your digestion on track is absolutely essential for gaining the nutrients and fuel needed to keep you going. By making sure your body has enough digestive enzymes, it can break down food effectively so those important pieces of nourishment are absorbed – giving an added boost to both gut health and energy levels.


While we all know that exercise gives us energy, it’s important to remember that just a little bit of movement during our day-to-day lives can give an extra boost! From simply standing up from your desk and stretching or taking the stairs instead of the elevator you are breaking down calories which in turn increases your personal reserve.

So when you do have some energy — don’t hesitate to get active because there is no better way to fuel yourself for what lies ahead than with physical activity.


Sleep Well

A good night’s rest truly does wonders for the mind and body. Make sure you give yourself the time you deserve to rest deeply in order to hit restart each morning. A great goal to aim for is 6 – 8 hours of healthy sleep. Not only will that help you re-energize, but it will benefit all facets of your day, from starting your morning routine with zest and having a calm, clear focus throughout the day. 

Stress Less

While you may not be able to wave a magic wand and make everyday stress disappear, there are helpful steps that can help bring an air of calm.

From deep-breathing exercises to mindfulness and meditation practices – these are powerful tools when it comes to dealing with any type of daily pressure or tension.



In today’s world, nutritional deficiency is a real thing. Even if you’re doing your best to eat healthy meals, our current food supply just doesn’t have the same level of nutrients it used to – making supplementation essential for optimal health and wellbeing.

Make sure your body has all the vital vitamins and minerals it needs with targeted supplements. 


When it comes to producing energy, you are at the forefront of your health. Taking the time to investigate what could be causing your low energy is an important step in discovering ways you can increase your energy and get back on track. After all, having access to more energy means being able to live a happy and fulfilling life. From the Krebs Cycle to simple tips like getting enough sleep, rest or eating healthy snacks throughout the day, there’s always something out there that can help give you the boost of energy you need. So, if you’re looking to increase your energy levels, why not take a proactive approach? Schedule a discovery call today with one of our experts so we can help get you feeling energized again!.


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