What You Need To Know About Eating A TRUE Gluten-Free Diet?

Gluten-free sometimes seems to be all in rage now. But there is no question that it can have some substantial health benefits too. In this video, I discussed the do’s and don’ts about eating a proper gluten-free diet and what most people miss when they go gluten-free. 

They do it for weight loss or just because it seems healthier. In comparison, both can be good reasons. Many people might go gluten-free if they have a sensitivity. They’re dealing with an autoimmune condition like celiac disease or celiac gene, which is another serious health issue. But when it comes to doing a proper gluten-free diet, many people are still getting plenty of gluten and wondering why they aren’t still feeling better. 

The truth is, if you are going to do a proper gluten-free diet, you need to know all about the hidden sources because it’s an all or none approach. Gluten can be an extremely irritant protein for your gut and sets off an inflammatory cascade that can last for months. 

Even if you consume a tiny amount of gluten, it can be harmful. What’s not great about gluten is that it can cause serious side effects in specific individuals. Some people react differently to gluten. The body senses it as a toxin causing one’s immune cells to overreact and attack it. 

If an unknowingly sensitive person continues to eat gluten, this creates a battleground that results in inflammation. The side effects can range from mild fatigue, bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea, to severe unintentional weight loss, malnutrition, intestinal damage, as seen in autoimmune conditions like celiac disease. Reports of brain fog are not uncommon in people just before a diagnosis of celiac disease or in those diagnosed but mistakenly ate foods containing gluten. 

Comparing women with the highest and lowest gluten intakes, the lack of association remained even after excluding women with dementia or a cancer diagnosis. So it’s not necessary that if you consume gluten, you will have those effects. That is why so many people adopt a true gluten-free diet and are free from many symptoms that cause inflammation, from skin issues to bloating to joint and muscle pains and even severe back pain, visit https://holisticdental.org/klonopin-for-anxiety/.

In my program, At Anchor Wellness Center, we use a unique methodology COPE. We guide people through a nutrient-rich way of eating and how to avoid the pitfalls of gluten. 

  • C for cellular detoxification 
  • O for optimization of hormones 
  • P for performance-nutrition, and 
  • E for enhanced mind mastery

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