Video Testimonials

“I Was in Pretty Desperate Shape When I Came to Dr. Minni.”

Battling severe fatigue, Lyme’s disease, Celiac disease, migraines and other issues, Shannon came to Anchor Wellness Center in need of a new approach to her health. After two months of treatment with us, she was able to return to her career.

“I Have an Autoimmune Deficiency, Osteoarthritis and Acid Reflux.”

Since coming to Anchor Wellness Center, Ruth has lost more than 20 pounds and no longer needs medication for her acid reflux. 

“I had Diarrhea , IBS and extreme fatigue.”

Thanks to the doctor that she helped me with all this conditions. As a Christian I believe that God always guide us to what we need in life and I’m glad He guide me to Dr. Malhotra.