Highly educated. Committed to excellence. Invested. Inspiring. Highly recommend.

Great team. You can tell they really care about their patients. Nice holistic approach.

Great team. Kind people. They really care about their patients.

The Anchor Wellness Center true healers and deliver on their promise to resolve your health conditions and feel better without depending on medications. They...

Bradley Kobsar

I have had a weight problem all my life. I recently developed acid reflux, blood pressure and sleep apnea…….. I am now sleeping better and feeling better. The program is contoured towards the individual and it is about the overall person and not just one thing. Dr. Malhotra is genuinely concerned about her patients. I feel very welcome here. Dr. Malhotra even calls me on the phone to check on me on how I am doing.

Jo Hatcher, Spring, TX

I attended one of Dr. Malhotra’s wellness seminars and I learned how important it is to eat healthy whole foods. Since joining her program, I have lost 20 pounds. I love the fact that she is your biggest cheer leader. She walks you through the process step by step.. I encourage everybody who wants to get a healthier weight and be in healthier in body, mind and spirit to join her program .

Yvonne Okonkowa, Houston, TX

I have struggled to lose weight and I have been so tired all the time. Yes, I have seen improvement. I have lost weight and my energy is coming back. Malhotra is super and very kind and very helpful. She takes time to explain situations and listen to me. She does not hurry me and I appreciate that very much.

Betty Hollenshead, Spring, TX

I have previously tried every diet in the books. Tops, weight watchers, liquid diet for a year. I even had my stomach stapled. At Anchor Wellness Center I have learned what my body needs to stay healthy. When I started the program, I couldn’t take the one flight of stairs, had to stop and catch my breath. Now I am taking stairs 12 times in 30 minutes for my exercise, almost running up. In about 4 months I have lost about 30 pounds.

Shannon Shaw, Spring, TX

The patient care is excellent! The staff properly take you step by step in your personal health needs. Not only are they kind and professional, but they are...

Great staff with good attitudes. I will most certainly be visiting again. Go you guys!!

Connor Cumpton

When I came to Dr. Malhotra, I was very very sick. I had been on medical leave for many months and was about to lose my job. My fatigue was severe, I had endometriosis, chronic Lyme disease, Celiac disease and I had auto-immune rash all over my body, spots on my chest and on my back. I have been on the program for 4 months now. I have been able to go back to work. I am getting stronger all the time and I have improved my life. I have colleagues, who have health issues of their own, coming to me asking for help because they can see the difference and notice the change in my life. I am encouraging them to consider the program.

Shannon Bowling, Houston, TX

This team was very easy to work with, and you can tall they really care about helping people.

Feeling active less tiredness last Hunger great I'm so happy

Koko Bashir

I'm glad I become a member of Anchor wellnessAnd started Paleo cleanse 'detoxification program of 21 days under the supervision of Dr Minni Malhotra And after first week it showed some good results hope I will reach my goal

Koko bashir

Kendra was very patient and kind with working to show us the right way but taking it slow as I so out of shape. Look forward to working with her again.

Shannon Shaw

I really feel motivated to continue keeping physically fit after the fun workout with a trainer at Anchor Wellness Center. We had stations set up for us to target certain muscles in the body. Thank you for caring for our needs!

Elena Johnson

This is a very pleasant environment with enthusiastic staff! I look forward to learning and growing with the help of Anchor Wellness Center. They are creating a unique plan to fit my needs and I am truly thankful for their dedication to patients.

Elena Johnson